EYDES Internet Presentation
Errata and Desiderata

As of March 15, 2005, 479 of the expected 603 interviews are part of the electronic EYDES archive.

120 of these locations can be accessed via the word index or the question/location index.

At present, the word index contains 16.036 wordforms and refers to 2.288.134 occurrences in the interviews.

Before May 1st, 2005, the electronic archive will not be expanded further.

By March 2006 it will be possible to access all interviews recorded for the New York based Language and Culture Atlas of Ashkenazic Jewry via the electronic EYDES archive.

Tasks and components of the Internet presentation which we expect to be completed by April 28, 2005:

drawing up explanations for using the archive – in English;

completing a manual for the public lab (Lara) – in German / in English;

documenting the methods of the public lab (Lara) – in German / in English.

In a number of cases you will get an error message from the media player when you click the sound: it shows something like “End of File”. We found out that the error slipped in unnoticed while transforming the files from wave- to mpeg-format. By now the cases have been detected systematically and the errors will be corrected.